Absolument Parfumeur LA 13EME NOTE FEMME eau de parfum

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It is this 13th Note that gives our perfume its name, and it is characterized by an intoxicating softness and femininity. A unique, sensual, and delicious gourmand perfume that dresses a woman in an irrepressible desire to indulge!
Influenced by a dessert of French chef René BERGÈS it offers women inspired, dramatic aromas that appeal to all the senses.  The 13th Note for women is floral, fruity, sweet and totally addictive.


The notes

The 13th Note for women is floral, fruity and sweet.

Inspired by a dessert from the French chef René Berges, it offers to women new sensations that appeal to all the senses.

Head notes

Pineapple, raspberry, green strawberry and sage

Middle notes

Rose, violet, mimosa, vanilla and jasmine

Base notes

Musk, white peach, honey and amber

A unique, sensual, delicious and enchanting perfume that dresses a woman in an irrepressible desire…to indulge!