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Mx. by Eris Parfums is a unisex Woody Spicy fragrance created in 2017 by the perfumer Antoine Lie.

Pronounced “Mix”, Mx. is named after the gender neutral title replacing Mr., Mrs. and Ms., announces a new gender fluid era where perfumes are not rigidly gendered. "X" marks the spot of freedom.

True to form, Mx. doesn't abstain from taking a position on gender — it leaves all options open. Mx. dances between sweet creaminess and brusque, aromatic woods, playing both sides of the fence with perfect poise and balance. Its mouthwatering, almost gourmand opening salvo of peppery saffron fits neatly over a heart of rugged Australian sandalwood and cedar spiked with black pepper, ginger, cacao and frankincense.

Dabs of castoreum and birch tar in the base draw all the other notes together in a sensual embrace, sending a haze of smoke and leather up through the nutty, earthy sandalwood. A crème brulée of whipped woods, saffron, incense, and smoke, Mx. is the fragrance equivalent of a soft feminine face being kissed all over by a masculine, stubbled one. We defy you to put it on and not shiver with pleasure.

Top Notes
Black Pepper, Indian Ginger, Saffron, Olibanum

Heart Notes
Australian Sandalwood, Virginian Cedar

Base Notes
Cacao Pod, Benzoin, Birch, Haitian Vetiver, Castoreum, Patchouli


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