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Guerlain JICKY vintage 1995 eau de toilette

Guerlain JICKY vintage 1995 eau de toilette

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Jicky was created in 1889. It is a classical fragrance and, despite the age, it is timeless and still very modern. According to the legend, the perfume was named after a girl Aime Guerlain was in love with when he was a student in England. It is more likely, though, that this perfume is named after his uncle Jacques Guerlain’s nickname – Jicky. This was one of the first perfumes created with addition of synthetic materials (the first was Fougere Royale Houbigant, 1882). The top notes contain lavender and citrus (bergamot, lemon and mandarin), which perfectly match the cold, metallic orris and rose shaded by vetiver. The cold top and middle notes are an elegant counterbalance to the warm base created of patchouli, vanilla, amber and musk.

Top Notes
Bergamot, Mandarin, Rosemary, Lemon
Heart Notes
Lavender, Jasmine, Basil. Tonka, Orris
Base Notes 
Spices, Leather, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Vanilla, Amber, Rosewood

Offered are samples vintage Jicky eau de toilette, with lot number WN5BA 5 which corresponds to a production date of August 1995. You will receive your sample from the exact bottle shown.

Note: Samples are sold by the 1ml. You may purchase as many ml as you like. Samples of 1ml or less will come in a glass vial with a dabber. Samples larger than 1ml will come in small glass spray bottles. All samples will be consolidated unless expressly requested otherwise.

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