FAQ & Policies

Fragrance Terminology

Guidelines for the terms Vintage and Antique vary wildly in the collectibles world.  At Fragrance Vault, we use these parameters which you can refer to when viewing our listings:

  • Vintage: Any product that is between 25 and 100 years old.
  • Antique: Any product that is over 100 years old
  • Vaulted: A product that has been discontinued, irrespective of age. 
  • Early: This refers to the creation of the product early on during the period of production. For example, a Chanel No. 5 parfum produced in the 1930s.
  • Late: This refers to the creation of the product late during the period of production. For example, a Chanel No. 5 parfum produced in 2022.

Product titles may have a combination of these descriptors. For example, a perfume could be Vaulted (discontinued), Vintage (between 125-100 years old), and Early (created early on during the production run of the perfume).

Return Policies

No returns are accepted, except in the exceptional circumstances listed below. This constitutes a clear display of policy in accordance with California Civil Code section 1723.

  • Fragrance Vault makes an error and ships the incorrect item to a customer. In this case, return shipping and cost of shipping the correct item will fall to Fragrance Vault. 
  • An item is unusable due to manufacturer defect (i.e., the sprayer does not work). In this case, return shipping and cost of shipping a new item will fall to Fragrance Vault. If no acceptable replacement item is available, Fragrance Vault will issue a refund. 

Given this policy, and given that Fragrance Vault offers samples of most items for sale, we reccomend that customers purchase a sample prior to purchasing a full bottle.

General Return Notes

All items sold by the Fragrance Vault are guaranteed authentic. We pride ourselves on transparency regarding the condition of all items, especially vintage, rare, and discontinued fragrances. 


Samples & Decants Policy

Samples and decants are sold by the .25, .5, or 1ml. Customers may purchase as many ml's as is specified at the bottom of every listing. 

Samples and decants cannot be returned. 

Samples and decants of all Niche and Artisanal fragrances, of which Fragrance Vault is an official stockist, are limited to 2ml per person. Orders including purchases of above 2ml will have their order refunded for the amount in excess of 2ml. 2ml will still be paid for and shipped.


    Shipping Policies

    Domestic Shipping

    Parcels under 1lb

    All parcels under 1lb will be shipped USPS First Class Package Service, excluding in exceptional circumstances, in which Fragrance Vault reserves the right to choose an alternate shipping service at Fragrance Vault's expense, or to contact the customer regarding and upgraded service and the costs incurred to the customer therein. 

    Parcels over 1lb

    Parcels over 1lb will be shipped either USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground, depending upon the selection of Fragrance Vault. If you have a preference regarding use of USPS or UPS, please include a note with your order and we will do our best to accomodate. 

    Expediting for Complimentary Shipping

    Fragrance Vault agrees to carry the cost of shipping for all orders which qualify for Complimentary Shipping. This will be done by either USPS First Class, USPS Priority Mail, or UPS Ground. If more expedited shipping is necessary, please contact Fragrance Vault or leave a note with your order. The cost of expedited shipping above and beyond the services mentioned will not be carried by Fragrance Vault, and will incur an additional charge to the customer to be paid through invoice. 

    International Shipping

    All international shipments will require a phone number AND email address for customs clearance. Please provide your best phone number and email address for contact at checkout.

    Fragrance Vault DOES NOT cover the cost of international shipping. Please select and pay for the service which best fits your needs at checkout.


    Customers in Canada may choose from a variety of international shipping services, including USPS First Class International. This is a budget shipping service, and often results in delays in customs, a delivery date up to 28 days after shipment, and occasionally, package loss. For these reasons, Fragrance Vault does NOT reccomend USPS First Class International for any purchases of significant value. Refunds will not be offered if an item is lost due to selection of this shipping service. 

    Everywhere else in the world

    Shipping for other international destinations will be through UPS exclusively. Customers may choose their preferred service at checkout. If expedited shipping is necessary, please choose an expedited service. If expedited shipping becomes necessary after the fact, Fragrance Vault will issue an invoice for the amount required for the upgrade.

    Handling Times

    Fragrance Vault aims to ship orders as soon as possible, often same or next day. However, Fragrance Vault reserves the right to a 3-5 business day hadling time if necessary. Please leave a note with your order if it is urgent and we will do our best to accomodate. 

    Items which are special order are specifically noted within individual listings. In these cases, handling time will be according to the timeline noted in the listing. 

    If Fragrance Vault requires additional time beyond 3-5 business days to process an order, best efforts will be made to contact the customer and inform them. In these cases, Fragrance Vault will accept a cancellation of the order if the customer wishes. 

    Policies on handling time are no longer in place if the customer neglects to leave a phone number and Fragrance Vault must reach out for one, if the customer's address is deemed invalid by the shipping system, or if any other issues arise due to lack of/incorrect information provided by the customer. In these cases, Fragrance Vault will make attempts to contact the customer. If the customer cannot be reached, the order will be cancelled after 10 business days.

    If you have any additional questions regarding policies, please reach out to Fragrance Vault at jana@fragrancevault.net, shop chat, or by calling (530) 541-3152 during business hours (12pm-7pm 7 days/week).