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Meo Fusciuni 1# NOTA DI VIAGGIO eau de parfum

Meo Fusciuni 1# NOTA DI VIAGGIO eau de parfum

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1# Nota di Viaggio (rites de passage) is a 2010 release from Italian perfumer Guiseppe Imprezzabile, nome de plume Meo Fusciuni. Meo Fusciuni believes that "Today, in this modern era where we can have so many technologies in our support, I realize with happiness that only one thing still really matters: olfactory sensitivity," and strives to create perfumes that are both "material and ethereal," balancing the chemical and spiritual aspects of perfumery. 1# Nota di Viaggio (rites de passage), a Chypre fragrance, has a scent profile of woody, fresh spicy, warm spicy, aromatic, amber, citrus, patchouli, balsamic, earthy, and smoky. Please note that this is not a different formula than the discontinued eau de toilette, only a different concentration. 


Geranium, Incense, Black Pepper, Rosewood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Grapefruit, Benzoin, Bergamot, Ylang-Ylang

From Meo Fusciuni: 

"My soul is full,
When I speak in the words of this place,
I feel the bark of my heart vibrate.
And I do not need earthly adjectives,
but only of its fragrance."

The first perfume has its origin in Istanbul, the Eastern Gate, with a note of Black Pepper, the magic of bazaars, homesickness, the delight of holy places. The perfume takes shape inside its mixture. Notes, first intimates, become threefold body of perfume, base, heart, head.  Memories bring still eastward, toward a door, where the spiritual world felt a need to go, the door where the gaze is bitter and spiced. The lands, as men, open their care to time, in prayer and in the ritual that spreads from the hand towards the body. I travel inside myself, the time's love, the blend is essence, resinoid breath. The scent flowing, run from me, now it’s desire, tomorrow is memory. Passage and nostalgia.

'My soul is overflowing, 
when I speak with the words of this places, 
I feel the bark of my heart vibrate, 
and no earthly adjectives are needed, 
but I only need its perfume”
"2°nota di viaggio (Shukran was thought, created and arranged, while listening to the album: Gnaoua music from Essaouira- private collection during each of these stages.'"

"1# nota di viaggio travel note (Rites de passage) has been conceived and created listening to the albums: Songs and Sufi Music - private collection, during each of these stages."

Note: Samples are sold by the 1ml. You may purchase a maximum of 2ml. Samples of 1ml or less will come in a glass vial with a dabber. Samples larger than 1ml will come in small glass spray bottles. All samples will be consolidated unless expressly requested otherwise.

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