BeauFort IRON DUKE eau de parfum

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Independent British perfume house BeauFort London announce the release of
their new collection ‘REVENANTS’ with Volume 1 : ‘IRON DUKE’ now available
in high concentration eau de parfum (30%).

‘REVENANTS’ presents a collection of olfactory impressions of figures fromB ritain’s past. Characters from our history whose presence lingers, subtly.

“We find ourselves far less concerned with individual ‘notes ’per se… Our first ‘Come Hell or High Water” editions were very literal impressions of historic events using specific ingredients to achieve this. With the ‘REVENANTS’ collection we
intend to draw our attention to people and the imperssion they leave behind,” comments Creative Director Leo Crabtree.

Vol 1 – ‘Iron Duke’ is a tribute to Arthur Wellesley, Duke Of Wellington (1769 – 1852). Here, perfumer Julie Dunkley has created a strikingly powerful fragrance with animalic depths – an apparition of the celebrated horseman, warrior politician
and sartorial pioneer.

The images that support this release were created in collaboraiton with fine art photographer Matthew Seed, whose remarkable talent for capturing the equine form has seen him heralded asa ‘ modern day George Stubbs’. Matthew’s work does not rely on digital effects, instead using a pioneering combination of natural and atrificial light to create his images.

The product packaging also features an image commissioned from tattooist Robert Gisbourne-Ashby whose intricate,immaculate work ordinarily executed on skin complements the spirit of the collection.