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Neandertal DARK eau de parfum

Neandertal DARK eau de parfum

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Dark by niche perfume house Neandertal is a 2020 release from perfumer Euan McCall. Neandertal "explores fundamental existential questions like, “Where do we come from?” and “Where are we going?” by attempting to understand the human experience from outside ourselves" through perfumery and olfactory experience. This Woody Aromatic fragrance has a scent profile of aromatic, amber, leather, fresh spicy, woody, smoky, animalic, warm spicy, balsamic, and marine.

Top Notes
Foliage, Ginger, Pink Pepper, Grapefruit, Pine

Heart Notes 
Incense, Geranium, Caraway, Seaweed

Base Notes 
Vetiver, Patchouli, Oud, Amber, Musk, Leather, Sandalwood, Tobacco, Labdanum Absolute

From the brand: 

"The darker, more shadowed version of Neandertal. A scent of movement that challenges perfumery conventions.

The top note structure of Neandertal dark comprises leafy, aromatic and textural sensations, symbolic of nature; trees, plants, flowers and citrus fruits.

Initially, pepper berries and incense clash against this delicate foliage accord, pushing, pulling and in time combining to create a transgressive and original iodine profile as Neandertal dark evolves.

Sandalwood and cedar provide a durable foundation for Neandertal dark. The inclusion of oud and leather adds unusual animalic depth and resinous shadow.

Earthy rhizome materials reintroduce the familiar green facets in a darker manner. An accord comprising vetiver, patchouli and musk is offset against amber bringing both vibrancy and richness to Neandertal dark."

"Each of our 90ml stoneware bottles is uniquely numbered digitally using an NFC chip to ensure its provenance. Scan your bottle using the Neandertal App on iPhone or any NFC-enabled Android device to see more information."

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