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Premiere Note HIMALAYAN OUD eau de parfum

Premiere Note HIMALAYAN OUD eau de parfum

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Himalayan Oud by Premiere Note is a 2015 release from luxury niche perfume house Premiere Note, composed by perfumer Jerome di Marino for the Oriental Elixirs collection. Premiere Note has "reinterpreted iconic and essential (elegant and timeless) notes of French haute parfumerie to create an explosive and authentic experience," with the ultimate goal to "to showcase a key note in each fragrance." Himalayan Oudan Amber Woody fragrance, has an aromatic profile of woody, earthy, oud, warm spicy, patchouli, fresh spicy, and aromatic.

Top Notes
Cumin, Saffron

Heart Notes
Cypriol Oil (Nagarmotha), Atlas Cedar, Benzoin

Base Notes
Agarwood (Oud), Patchouli, Vetiver

From the brand: 

"In the distance sounds the echo of a Tibetan gong, accompanied by deep, slow brass notes.
Forests, pines and meadows follow in step in "the foothills of the snow-capped", Himalayas.
In a trail of animal and incense notes, oud wood reveals all the mysteries of the East. Its powerful and animal facets strike with confi dent charm."

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