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Abaton FIOR DI CHINOTTO eau de toilette

Abaton FIOR DI CHINOTTO eau de toilette

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Launched by the Italian fragrance house Abaton in 2018, Fior di Chinotto is an Floral fragrance with an aromatic profile of citrus, white floral, sweet, floral, honey, tuberose, animalic, rose, and fresh.

Top Notes
Bitter Orange, Damask Rose, Fruity Notes, Orange Flower

Heart Notes
Cedar Wood, Chinotto Flower, Patchouly

Base Notes
Amber, Cedar Wood, White Musk

From Abaton:

"Evoking a refined sensuality in perpetual renewal, Fior di Chinotto reflects a joyful, fragrant renaissance… your new day. A creation dedicated to fearless women with the spirit to pursue their dreams and forge new beginnings. Floating between the land and the sea, with each moment they look a little higher, toward the sky.

Fior di Chinotto captures the invigorating passion of the Ligurian Riviera and returns it to its primal senses. The citrus Chinotto plant that journeyed from China in the sixteenth century with a Savonese sailor finds its perfect home there… transformed, reborn continuously, offering its tart fruits, aromatic leaves and abundant flowers.

Fior di Chinotto is the third creation by Abaton of an olfactory path inspired by their homeland, Savona, a shimmering jewel on the northwestern coast of Italy. Preceded by the enticing sweetness of Chinotto Gourmand and by the mysterious elegance of Chinotto Dark, Fior di Chinotto is an exclusive and extraordinary essence made with compelling care and craftmanship.

The flowers of the Chinotto are slowly collected, and a patient wait for the finest petals of four harvests creates an inimitable fragrance of superlative taste and wisdom.

Bright and sparkling citrus top notes of Chinotto fruit capture the invigorating passion of the Ligurian Riviera, as a velvet bouquet of orange flower, damask rose, jasmine and tuberose evolves to an emotional heart of liquid amber, and a perfect tapestry of honey, moss and precious woods create a sensual base for this exquisitely feminine essence.

The opening is bright and sparkling, with the freshness of waves that break on the cliff.

A velvet bouquet of orange flowers, damask rose, jasmine, tuberose and juicy mandarin are like a silken promise on the skin, melting into an emotional heart of liquid amber.

The base notes are warm and enveloping, a perfect tapestry of honey, moss and precious woods to provide a beautiful finish."


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