Absolument Parfumeur ABSINTHE eau de parfum

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It is Absinthe, this mythical liquor long prohibited, that inspired the perfume. 
Complex, sophisticated, subtle, this liquor that inspired so many artists, is now available as an eau de parfum, Absolument absinthe. 

Discover the magical ritual of serving and tasting of the Versinthe absinthe : fresh water poured drop by drop dilutes the piece of sugar placed on the perforated spoon placed on top of the glass. 

The flavors will then be freed and the Versinthe will become cloudy. 
Enjoy a Versinthe just before putting on the Absolument absinthe perfume, it will reinforce the effect, the subtlety and this troubling sensation to overthrow prohibitions.

The notes

The feminine amber and floral notes, combined with masculine vegetal and woody notes put Absolument absinthe in a class of its own.
The concentration and quality of our essences make it a long lasting perfume.

A woman’s skin will bring out the floral notes. A man’s skin will bring out the fresh spicy notes.

Head Notes

Sparkling pulp mingled with black Chinese tea, tart bergamot and spicy, exotic cannabis.

Heart Notes

Fresh Absinthe combined with green Iranian galbanum, the opulence of Lily of the Valley, lotus flower, jasmine and ylang ylang , and the noble, spicy warmth of nutmeg and Ceylon cardamom.

Base Notes

Resinous Sandalwood is softened by the sensuality of sheer Musk.

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