Absolument Parfumeur LA 13EME NOTE HOMME eau de parfum

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In the world of perfume, notes are the essences assembled to create a unique perfume. The legend says that it is the very last, the famous 13th Note, that allows each of the other notes to melt, to harmonize and to transcend, to give the perfume its incredible and provocative power.

livre-le-parfumIn numerology the number 13 is magic! The Ultimate note, whether in jazz or in perfumes, the thirteenth note is the one that perfects, that transforms, that allows flawless harmonies to reach a superior dimension, a dimension where magic intervenes to create unique and unforgettable sensations (inspired by the 13th note in Patrick Süskind’s book “The Perfume” de Patrick Süskind).

Moved to look beyond the usual limits, Mr. Rolland asked the great French chef René BERGÈS of Aix-en-Provence to share his knowledge of savours with us in our quest to find notes and accords that are completely original in perfumery.

This new approach resulted in exceptional perfumes. In order to reveal the perfect balance and refinement of this perfume, allow it to blend with your own skin’s chemistry for five minutes before smelling it.

The team of perfumer, liqueur-maker and chef have allowed for a fusion of passion and skill around flavors and savors. The fruit of their labor are two perfumes that raise perfumery to a new height: the famous 13th note that opens a fresh path in the enchanted world of high-end perfumery.