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Andrea Maack CRAFT eau de parfum

Andrea Maack CRAFT eau de parfum

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Craft is a 2010 release from Scandinavian luxury perfume house Andrea Maack and perfumer Alienor Massenet. This Woody Aquatic fragrance has an aromatic profile of woody, aldehydic, aromatic, fresh, metallic, balsamic, patchouli, mineral, aquatic, and conifer.

Top Notes

Aldehydes, Ice

Heart Notes

Cold Metal, Cedarwood

Base Notes

Elemi, Patchouli

From Andrea Maack:

"Sharp aldehydes and frozen metal offer a chilly sophistication that feels like it's from a glossy version of the future that includes jet packs and robot valets. But under the slick ice is a warm and woody heart just waiting for the thaw - a blend of resinous elemi, earthy patchouli and robust cedar."

"The experience: Frozen Lake 
The surprising contrast: Slick Ice with a woody heart
Fragrance family:  Woody Incense, eau de parfum, concentration of 18%"

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