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Andrea Maack CORNUCOPIA vaulted eau de parfum

Andrea Maack CORNUCOPIA vaulted eau de parfum

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Cornucopia is a 2017 release from Scandinavian luxury perfume house Andrea Maack, and the perfumer of the same name. This Amber Woody fragrance has a scent profile of aromatic, amber, woody, musky, fresh spicy, green, sweet, powdery, fruity, and smoky.


Cypress, Green Pepper, Angelica, Fig, Cumin, Bigarade, Incense, Sugar, Black Musk, Styrax

From Andrea Maack:

"Cornucopia, otherwise known as The Horn of Plenty, is a symbol of an overflowing abundance; a contemplation focused away from any type of unfulfilled personal needs or wants. The expansive, all-encompassing scent lets you fall back, breathe easy and feel as if you will never need for anything again. Andrea draws up an ambiguous illustration of plenty that has many interpretations, the outcome is this ultimate lush, spring fragrance."  

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