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Andrea Maack SOFT TENSION eau de parfum

Andrea Maack SOFT TENSION eau de parfum

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Soft Tension is a 2016 release from Scandinavian luxury perfume house Andrea Maack, composed by perfumer Alienor Massenet. This Floral Woody Musk fragrance has a scent profile of musky, floral, woody, powdery, aromatic, mossy, earthy, and fresh spicy. 


Freesia, Moss

Heart Notes

Mate Absolute

Base Notes

Musk, Cedarwood

From Andrea Maack:

"A smooth cedar and fresh, lichenous moss beckon from the horizon, reminding us of the world that still surrounds us at the periphery of vision. Haunting and delicate, Soft Tension is a skin scent of mystery and quiet power for those who know that sometimes we must be lost in order to find what we're looking for."

"The experience: Second Skin floral
The surprising contrast: Mate and Moss mixed with white flowers
Fragrance family: Soft floral eau de parfum, concentration of 18%"

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