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Andrea Maack MAGMA extrait de parfum

Andrea Maack MAGMA extrait de parfum

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Magma is a 2022 release from Scandinavian luxury perfume house Andrea Maack, composed by perfumer Dominique Ropion. This fragrance has a scent profile of smoky, leathery, fresh, and earthy. 


Lemon Oil, Black Madagascan Pepper Oil, Incense

Heart Notes

Rose, Myrrh, Saffron

Base Notes

Patchouli Oil, Tonka Bean, Suede

From Andrea Maack:

"An opulent, sophisticated scent that blends floral, spicy, and warm, creamy notes. The rose provides a delicate floral essence, while the saffron adds a hint of spiciness. The suede gives the fragrance a rich and velvety depth, and the tonka bean contributes a warm, sweet, and slightly nutty aroma."

"The experience: A volcanic eruption 
The surprising contrast: Earthy Smokey Rose
Fragrance family:  Chypre floral parfum, concentration of 18%"

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