Art de Parfum EXCENTRIQUE MOI extrait de parfum

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Excentrique Moi by Art de Parfum is a Floral Woody composition from 2016, created by House founder and perfumer Ruta DeGutyte. Excentrique Moi touts rich red fruits blended with flowers and dry, tannic tea notes that complement the dark woody base of patchouli and guaiac wood, ushering in sensuality and depth. This gender neutral scent has an aroma profile that is woody, warm spicy. fresh spicy, green, fruity, floral, patchouli, fresh, musky, and powdery.

From the brand:

"As nuanced as the person who wears it, Excentrique Moi is a fragrance that traces the outline of our ever-shifting moods and personality. Excentrique Moi is a story of contrasts. Its texture is rich in playoffs between sweet and bitter, herbal and earthy, dark and light. Plummy, wine-like dried fruits sweeten the tannic sharpness of black tea leaves, and the upturned-earth darkness of patchouli is illuminated by a shaft of sunshine from lemon. Full of twists and turns, Excentrique Moi shifts restlessly from fruit to forest to smoke like storm clouds seen racing across the reflection in a glass of absinthe. Wearing it is like holding up a mirror to one’s own emotions and moods."


Top Notes
Pepper, Clove Buds, Red Fruits
Heart Notes
Guaiac Wood, Hibiscus, Black Tea
Base Notes
Patchouli oil, White Musk, Cedar, Artemisia (Wormwood)


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