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Atkinsons HER MAJESTY THE OUD eau de parfum

Atkinsons HER MAJESTY THE OUD eau de parfum

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Atkinsons Her Majesty The Oud is an Oriental Floral fragrance for women released in 2016. It has an aroma profile of fruity, oud, floral, leather, sweet, rose, and warm spicy notes.

Top Notes

Osmanthus Flower, Red Fruit Jam

Heart notes
Turkish Rose, Saffron, Iris

Base Notes
Oud of Assam Accord, Leather, Vanilla Absolute

From the brand:

"Everyone called her Khatun, from camel riders to
emirs. But in London the bold heroine of our latest
perfume was known as Gertrude Bell.
English adventuress, archeologist, and diplomat
of the Levant, Miss Bell was Our Woman
in Baghdad during the Empire’s prime.

In this rich spicy-sweet evocation of oud we travel
with Miss Bell as she did, on horseback through
the burning deserts of Mesopotamia alongside
tribal horsemen in embroidered cashmeri robes.
Like her, this deliciously womanly and nomadic
fragrance laces together Orient and Occident,
mingling precious Turkish Rose-infused oud with
the afternoon high tea delights of sweet red berry
and apricot-scented osmanthus flowers.
An intrepid leather accord of saddle and bridle
softly rounded by the powdery florality of iris and
a desert whisper of vanilla expresses the Victorian
elegance of this adventurous horsewoman.

Miss Bell in her beautifully billowing
muslin gowns was that rare thing:
an English rose amongst Bedouin splendour."

Offered is a 3.3oz/100ml bottle of eau de parfum without the box, lot number 07284601.  Photo with box is simply for reference.
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