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Baruti INDIGO extrait de parfum

Baruti INDIGO extrait de parfum

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Indigo is a 2016 release from niche perfume house Baruti and perfumer Spyros Drosopoulos. Baruti's fragrances are born of "Combining novelty with familiarity, our scents defy conventions, yet endear themselves to their surroundings. Rooted in the subconscious, each fragrance is designed to trigger the imagination and take you on a captivating olfactive journey." This Woody Floral Musk fragrance has a scent profile of woody, amber, rose, balsamic, fresh spicy, floral, aromatic, green, oud, and terpenic.


Mastic Oil (Chios), Hyacinth, Rose, Frankincense, Atlas Cedarwood, Sandalwood, NOOUD, Amber

From Baruti:

"A tranquil escape from city life, surrounded by blue summer skies.

One of the most beautiful feelings is on an airplane when you rise above the clouds, the light is always so beautiful. What would it be like to live in a place high above the clouds? Imagine cloudless late summer afternoon, sunlight cascading through a large window in front of you. Indigo is the peace and the silence knowing that there is a world beneath you with busy people, the freedom to choose when to emerge, when to interact with the buzz of the world below. The star ingredient is mastic, which we source from the island of Chios. Mastic gives the fragrance a distinctive coolness, and the incense accord gives it warmth. The scent is genderless and works beautifully in warmer temperatures. (Although of course, you are welcome to wear it whenever you want, no rules here."

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