BeauFort RAKE & RUIN eau de parfum

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Inspired by the debauched scenes of Georgian London imagined by the social
satirist and cartoonist William Hogarth (1697-1764), the second edition in the
‘Revenants’ Collection from BeauFort London brings these back to life.

Much of Hogarth’s work depicts moral degeneracy and the fall from grace of ‘n’er-do-well’ young men and women, and maps their downward trajectories into penury, insanity and often death.

‘Rake and Ruin’ imagines moments from ‘A Rake’s Progress’ – one of Hogarth’s most infamous works – where protagonist Tom Rakewell is bought to ruin by high living, prostitutes and gambling.

The fragrance captures a debauched evening in a tavern, where gin flows, good times had, and the slide begins…

The fragrance is paired by a new offering from our sister company: ‘BeauFort Spirit’. Beaufort Spirit has produced a fine sippng gin, utilising the same botanical ingredients as the fragrance, with a uniquely bold touch of smoked water.

Top: (Gin - Juniper, coriander, angelica, orange, lemon, orris, liquorice, Szechwan and pink pepper), cypress, pine needle

Heart and base notes: Violet, castoreum, costus, ambrarome, labdanum, amber, smokey musk, sandalwood and dry woods.