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BeauFort VI ET ARMIS eau de parfum

BeauFort VI ET ARMIS eau de parfum

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Vi Et Armis was a 2015 release from British perfume house Beaufort London. Beaufort's fragrance are built on "harnessing the many olfactory facets of smoke to create singular fragrance that seeks to evoke memories, both real or apparitional." This Aromatic Spicy fragrance has an aromatic profile of smoky, warm spicy, whiskey, leather, woody, tobacco, sweet, amber, balsamic, and fresh spicy.

Top Notes

Cardamom, Black Pepper, Black Tea, Grapefruit

Heart Notes

Whiskey, Frankincense, Opium Flower, Red Fruits, Ylang-Ylang

Base Notes

Tobacco, Birch, Oud, Amber, Cistus Labdanum, Caramel, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Atlas Cedar

From Beaufort:

"Described variously as 'chaos in a bottle' and 'an alchemist's Christmas party' this addictive fragrance is a celebration of that which is smoked: lapsang souchong, heavily peated whisky, dark tobaccos, spice and opium combine to produce an intensely provocative fragrance using heavily ‘overdosed’ ingredients. Paradoxical and challenging - singular and narcotic."

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