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Caron BELLODGIA vintage parfum 1970s 15ml

Caron BELLODGIA vintage parfum 1970s 15ml

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Bellodgia is a classic floral perfume for women was launched in 1927 by the French perfume house of Caron, and created by their master perfumer Ernest Daltroff.  Due to current restrictions on the use of the aroma chemical isoeugenol, Caron felt that Bellodgia could no longer be truthfully created, and so discontinued the formula.

Top Notes

Carnation, Rose

Heart Notes

Jasmine, Lily-of-the-Valley, Violet

Base Notes

Musk, Clove, Vanilla, Sandalwood

Offered are three 15ml bottles of pure parfum:

  • One bottle with only the inner pebbled white box, and retains the original inner paper slip with the lot number. Seal string is intact, bottle is approximately 97% full. Lot #030322. Photo 1
  • One bottle with both the inner and outer boxes. Seal string is intact, and tghe original information tag remains around the neck of the bottle. Approximately 90% full. Lot #030322. Photos 3-5
  • One bottle with both the inner and outer boxes, and cellophane mostly intact. The cellophane is torn, but the box cannot be slid out of it, and thus the inner box and bottle are untouched. A rare find! Lot #0*2032. Photos 6 & 7
  • One bottle, also with both the inner and outer boxes, and torn cellophane, intact enough that the box could never have been removed. Also very rare! Lot #030678. Photos 8 & 9

The first two bottles share a lot number #030322. The first bottle on the paper slip, and the second on the outer box. The presence of the address "104, Rue de Richelieu, Paris," which was adopted in 1962, the box style with the rectangular outline surrounding "Caron," which was discontinued in approximately 1975, and given that the lot number ends in "2,"the bottles must be either 1962 or 1972. We believe 1972 to be more likely. 

The third bottle is also estimated to be 1972for the same reasons - although the lot number is different, it also ends in a "2".

The fourth bottle does not have the rectangle surrounding "Caron," and is thus post-1975. The style of box, and closeness in style to the previous two bottles suggest it has a similar production date. Lot number ending in "8" would mean 1978 is the most likely year. 

Note: Lead photo of bottle does not depict items for sale - it is solely for reference. 
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