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Caron BELLODGIA vintage parfum 2000s 15ml

Caron BELLODGIA vintage parfum 2000s 15ml

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Bellodgia is a classic floral perfume for women was launched in 1927 by the French perfume house of Caron, and created by their master perfumer Ernest Daltroff.  Due to current restrictions on the use of the aroma chemical isoeugenol, Caron felt that Bellodgia could no longer be truthfully created, and so discontinued the formula.

Top Notes

Carnation, Rose

Heart Notes

Jasmine, Lily-of-the-Valley, Violet

Base Notes

Musk, Clove, Vanilla, Sandalwood

Offered is a 15ml bottle new in the box, 98% full and still sealed with the string. This bottle has a lot number of 91B05, corresponding to a production date of 2005. See dating process below.

  • "Green Dot" present: post-1992
  • Allergens listed: post-2002
  • Lot # ending in 5: 2005

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