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Caron POIVRE parfum

Caron POIVRE parfum

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Poivre parfum by Caron was created by perfumer Michel Morsetti in 1954 as an Amber-Spicy perfume for women. Poivre has an aromatic profile of warm spicy, floral, fresh spicy, woody, and aromatic notes. Poivre is enjoyed by and easily worn by all genders.

Top Notes

Clove, Carnation, Pepper, Spices, Red Pepper

Heart Notes

Cloves, Floral Notes, Geranium, Rose, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Tuberose

Base Notes

Oakmoss, Opoponax, Sandalwood, Woodsy Notes, Vetiver

Available are:

  • Samples are made from the amphora shaped bottle with the crown cap, from the early 2000s. Photo with box is for illustrative purposes only, you will not receive the large bottle or the box. 
  • One exceedingly rare cellophane sealed 1.7oz/50ml bottle of pure parfum spray, in the amphora bottle.  THERE IS A CREASE to the bottom of the box that runs partway through the cellophane. See the photo with the green highlighting. This item has never been opened.
  • One vintage 1960s (?) classic Poivre flacon, empty, and perfect to put your decant of Poivre parfum into! Size is 0.98oz or 30ml.

Note: Samples are sold by the .5ml (1/2ml). You may purchase as many ml as you like. All samples will come in individual glass vials unless unless expressly requested otherwise. In that case we can decant into a larger container of your choice.

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