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Cherigan EDO PARK extrait de parfum

Cherigan EDO PARK extrait de parfum

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Edo Park by Cherigan is an all-natural, gender-neutral fragrance from 2021 with an aromatic profile of woody, floral, amber, fruity, aromatic, and citrus notes.


Citrus, Siberian pine, Osmanthus extract, Freesia, Amber Woods, Virginia Cedar

From Cherigan:

"The world is opening up, cultures are discovering each other, embracing each other, getting closer. The Orient inspires novelists and painters, philosophers and perfumers. Edo Park is the olfactory image of Japan in the eyes of Europe. The obvious: osmanthus.

Mythical flower of Asian culture, it is at the center of the composition. The woods call for elevation, illustrate the traditional temples. Notes of citrus and Siberian pine paint the atmosphere of the prints, where immense landscapes spread out, silently. Edo Park praises this distance, yet so close, perceptible, palpable."

Fragrance Vault is an official stockist of Cherigan.

Samples are sold by the single milliliter, with a maximum purchase of 2 milliliters total.  Purchases of 1ml will come in a small glass vial, and 2ml will be consolidated into a larger bottle.

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