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Thierry Mugler ANGEL EAU DE STAR eau de toilette

Thierry Mugler ANGEL EAU DE STAR eau de toilette

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Angel Eau de Star by Mugler is an Amber perfume created by perfumer Louise Turner and launched in 2007. Angel Eau de Star has an aromatic palette of acquatic, sweet, woody, fresh, patchouli, warm spicy, honey, ozonic, vanilla, and powdery notes.  Angel Eau de Star is now discontinued.


Patchouli, Watermelon, Watery Notes, Honey, Vanilla, Mimosa

Offered is a rare unused 1.7oz/50ml bottle of Angel Eau de Star. There is a small amount of discoloration which in our experience does not affect the scent of any Angel products. There is no box- the photo of the bottle with a box is for reference only. Actual item for sale is the photo with the penny.
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