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Shalini Parfum GOLD parfum

Shalini Parfum GOLD parfum

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Gold is born of the collaboration between the house of Shalini Parfum and renowned perfumer Maurice Roucel. This Amber fragrance from 2024 has an aromatic profile of floral, aromatic, honey, amber, warm spicy, fresh spicy, sweet, and balsamic notes. musky, citrus, animalic, and green notes.


Marigold, Saffron, Frankincense, Myrrh, Honey, Baltic Amber


From the brand:

Gold is illuminating, sacred, eternal and precious. Gold was considered the noblest of all metals by the ancient world.

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh are a message of hope eternal were the most precious gifts offered to the Royalty.

The GOLD parfum is a transcendent composition of Marigolds, Saffron, Frankincense, Myrrh, Honey and Baltic Amber.

GOLD is created by Master Perfumer Maurice Roucel and Shalini as the most precious Gift.

Legend tells of Spanish explorers who came across beautiful Marigold blossoms in the Americas. Recognizing their golden-like appearance, they gathered the blooms and presented them as an alternative offering. Over time, offering Marigolds to God became a cherished tradition, symbolizing devotion, spiritual wealth, and the blessings of abundance.

Artists have been captivated by Gold’s exquisite beauty and luminosity. Gold was frequently used to symbolize the transcendent, divine light embodying the spiritual world during the Byzantine Empire. The emergence of the Renaissance period brought about the use of Gold leaf.  Klimt continued this tradition with the application of Gold leaf in his art. This is known as the “Golden Phase”.

Note: In stock in the store are the 7.5ml, 15ml, and 30ml spray sizes. The 50ml spray, 50ml Cubique flacons, and 100ml Byzantine flacons are special order and require an additional 5-7 days processing time.

Larger sizes are available by special order. Fragrance Vault is an official stockist of Shalini Parfum.

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