Fitzgerald & Guislain EXTRAIT D'AMBRE parfum 15ml

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Resurrected from period texts, Extrait d'Ambre is an enchanting, animalic perfume comprised of several exceptionally rare essences. Rose otto, the queen of floral essences, dances majestically with a cast of sultry and esoteric base notes including tinctures of real Siberian deer musk, ambergris, and vanilla bean. This warming elixir is particularly long-lasting for a natural perfume due to the incredible fixative power of these unusual base notes. We highly recommend wearing Extrait d'Ambre in the period fashion, by applying a small amount to a clean handkerchief.

This 15ml splash parfum en flacon comes nestled in a beautiful cut wooden box.  NOTE: Next date of production is August 2020.  If you purchase ahead of time, you will still not receive your bottle until August.