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London perfume house Grossmith is a house originally founded in the 19th century by John Grossmith before being resurrected. Years of research led to finding the original formula books, from which Grossmith's original 19th century fragrances were brought back. Today, Grossmith is run by Simon, Amanda, Eleanor, and Kate Brooke - 5th and 6th generation descendants of John Grossmith - that have " restored Grossmith to its rightful place as a prominent classic English perfume house that once again is producing the finest perfume in the world."

The Classic Collection fragrances ressurrect the perfumes of the 19th century Grossmith: "Using the original formulae and keeping natural materials wherever possible, irrespective of cost, Grossmith have ‘remastered’ three classic fragrances, Hasu-no-Hana (1888), Phul-Nana (1891) and Shem-el-Nessim (1906)".

Hasu-no-Hana: "The scent of the Japanese lotus lily. A bright, radiant Oriental Floral composition with pronounced Chypre and Oriental facets on a woody, dry, very sensual base. Hasu-no-Hana hailed the dawn of modern creative perfumery. Originally created in 1888, this scent has a timeless quality which comes from its pioneering spirit."

Phul-Nana: "Hindi for 'lovely flower.' A fresh, sweet Floral composition with aromatic Fougère overtones on a soft, warm, woody base. Originally created in 1891, this scent is a rare marriage of the herb garden with the flower garden, unusual in a feminine fragrance. It paved the way for the ‘oriental’ fragrances that were to follow."

Shem-el-Nessim: "Arabic for 'smelling the breeze.' Florentine Iris, known for its rarity and expense is truly at the heart of this fragrance. Originally created in 1906, this rich, luxurious fragrance typifies the Edwardian era with its warm floral powdery character."


The three Classic Grossmith fragrances are displayed in a beautiful, handmade, gold and white display box. Each bottle is 0.3oz/10ml, totaling 1oz or 30ml of perfume in the entire box. This presentation makes a superb gift to mark the most special of occasions. 

Fragrance Vault is an official stockist of Grossmith London.


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