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Grossmith BLACK COLLECTION TRAVEL SET eau de parfum

Grossmith BLACK COLLECTION TRAVEL SET eau de parfum

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London perfume house Grossmith is a house originally founded in the 19th century by John Grossmith before being resurrected. Years of research led to finding the original formula books, from which Grossmith's original 19th century fragrances were brought back. Today, Grossmith is run by Simon, Amanda, Eleanor, and Kate Brooke - 5th and 6th generation descendants of John Grossmith - that have " restored Grossmith to its rightful place as a prominent classic English perfume house that once again is producing the finest perfume in the world."

The Black Label fragrances, which, as "completely modern fragrances share the complexity, quality and understatement of the Classic and Royal Collections and enrich the contemporary Grossmith fragrance palette". This collection includes: Amelia, Floral Veil, Golden Chypre, and Saffron Rose (Saffron Rose is not included in this travel set).

Floral Veil: "An enchanting white floral with an underlying cool aspect. The beauty of this composition echoes the air of mystery and sophistication created by a veil."
Amelia: "This feminine scent was created in honour of Amelia Brooke, Simon’s great grandmother, who was the key to his discovery of the lost perfume house. Amelia’s father was the founder, John Grossmith."
Golden Chypre: "A bright and contemporary interpretation of the classic chypre, Golden Chypre conjures images of autumn sunlight shimmering on golden leaves."

This distinguished travel set includes 10ml spray bottles each of Amelia, Floral Veil, and Golden Chypre.  As a gift from Fragrance Vault you will also receive a 5ml spray of Saffron Rose, in a plain glass atomizer.

Note: This is a special order item. Please allow 1-2 weeks additional processing time  

Fragrance Vault is an official stockist of Grossmith London. 

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