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Jean Patou JOY vintage parfum 30ml flacon

Jean Patou JOY vintage parfum 30ml flacon

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Joy by Jean Patou is a classic fragrance, first launched in 1930 as "the costliest perfume in the world." The original Joy contained the essence of over 10,000 jasmine flowers and 300 roses in just 1 ounce. Originally designed by perfumer Henri Almeras, this fragrance was voted "Scent of the Century" at the 2000 FiFi Awards - an honor for which it beat out other classics like the eternal Chanel No. 5. Inside the bottle, expect to discover a floral sensation unlike any other, mingled with notes of musk, wood, and powder. 

Joy's bottle, now iconic, was designed by Art Déco architect and bottle designer, Louis Süe, and modelled after the principle of divine proportion, a mathematical formula used by ancient Greek architects to achieve perfect proportions and symmetry. 

Top Notes
Bulgarian Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Tuberose

Heart Notes
Jasmine and May Rose

Base Notes
Musk and Sandalwood

Offered are the following:

A vintage new in box, unopened and sealed bottle of pure parfum. The bottle has both the interior display box as well as the exterior protective retail packaging, and both are in very good condition. No evaporation or oxidization. This particular bottle is lot number 8114851, confirmed to have a production date of November 1984. Photos 1 & 2.

A vintage bottle in the box, in the original presentation (inner gold) box, but without the protective outer white box. This bottle is approximately 50% full, and has somewhat darkened in color. This bottle is lot number V001VJN, confirmed to have a production date in 1990. Photos 3 & 4.

A vintage bottle, new and sealed, without either the inner presentation box or the outer sleeve. This bottle is in excellent condition with no evaporation or discoloration. Exact production date is unknown since it lacks an outer box. Photo 5.

Please inquire for more detailed photos of individual items. 

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