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Jean Patou JOY vintage parfum 7ml flaconette

Jean Patou JOY vintage parfum 7ml flaconette

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Joy by Jean Patou is a classic fragrance, first launched in 1930 as "the costliest perfume in the world." The original Joy contained the essence of over 10,000 jasmine flowers and 300 roses in just 1 ounce. Originally designed by perfumer Henri Almeras, this fragrance was voted "Scent of the Century" at the 2000 FiFi Awards - an honor for which it beat out other classics like the eternal Chanel No. 5. Inside the bottle, expect to discover a floral sensation unlike any other, mingled with notes of musk, wood, and powder. 

The "flaconette" bottle, inspired by Chinese snuff bottles, was first introduced in 1931, and has been used throughout the years to house the 7.5ml Joys.

Top Notes
Bulgarian Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Tuberose

Heart Notes
Jasmine and May Rose

Base Notes
Musk and Sandalwood

Offered here is a 7ml "flaconette," sealed in the package with the cellophane entirely intact. This bottle has no visible lot number, but the presence of a barcode and the fact that the bottom of the box reads "©Jean Patou Parfumeur" means that it has a production date sometime between 1990 and 2002. A rare find!
Photo of bottle is solely for reference, actual item is sealed. 

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