LuVandus THE HUNT parfum

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The Hunt: oud, agar, tolu balsam, ambergris

The thrill of The Hunt lies in its exceptional blend of oud, ambergris, agar, and tolu balsam.  Dark and sensual, the Hunt develops as it melds with your pheromones to emanate an air of confidence and mystery.  Never leave home without a full arsenal that begins with The Hunt.

Also offered in Olive Oil lotion.


About the House:

What started as an obsession of collecting luxury cologne, niche fragrance and candles led to a need for discovery. In 2014, Monk began his passion-fueled research into perfume compositions, aromatics chemistry, and the profiles of classical and contemporary aroma profiles. In addition, Monk also began working with professional Perfumers. After months perfecting his accords and fragrance compositions he was compelled to start his own perfumery, LuVandus. Monk chose to launch LuVandus with his own signature line of six luxury gender neutral niche fragrances. Monk’s vision with LuVandus is to create thoughtfully blended fragrances to wear, enjoy, and share. which are carefully crafted to deliver a sophisticated, chic redolence that matches one’s lifestyle.

¨Sometimes I envision what a certain fragrance combination would yield to my senses. I have curated my memories and daydreams into something you cannot see, only smell. The name of each fragrance is a time-stamp or a nod to a moment in my life. The artwork for each fragrance has significant meaning to me as well.  I have journeyed on a dark path to bring fragrant light to the night. In the still dark, there is only love and us. “-TM