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Mad et Len TERRE NOIRE eau de parfum

Mad et Len TERRE NOIRE eau de parfum

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Terre Noire is a release from niche artisanal perfume house Mad et Len. Mad et Len is a small, privately owned operation dedicated to using raw materials and simple formulas free of petroleum products, made with fair wages and small craftsman operations. Mad et Len believes that "each one of our differences can make a difference" and " perfume transcends our emotions, which is why we need to carefully choose the right paths." Terre Noire has an aromatic composition of warm spicy, woody, and earthy accords. 



Primal Damp Eath, Barky, Earthy, Rich Humus Soil, Mineral Note, Ancient Woods of Petrified Pine, Rare Aged Oakwood, Cold Mushrooms

From Mad et Len:

“Embers dance like fireflies in the night, hover through the fog of the damp earth,
darker than the shadow of the night, the silent eloquence of Terre Noire.”

Fragrance Vault is an official stockist of Mad et Len. 

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