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MendittoRosa Talismans Extreme OSANG extrait de parfum

MendittoRosa Talismans Extreme OSANG extrait de parfum

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Osang is a 2017 release from niche artisanal perfume house MendittoRosa, a house dedicated to natural materials, cruelty free compositions, and the pursuit of originality and perfumery as artwork. Composed by perfumer Giovanni Festa, this fragrance is a part of the Talismans Extreme Collection: "Talismans protect us and grant us power; they are private prayers we hold close and whisper to in the dark. We wash them in tears. In times of shadow and ash they remind us we are safe and loved, guided and sacred." Osang has a scent profile of amber, balsamic, warm spicy, floral, honey, sweet, powdery, and woody. 

Top Notes
Heliotrope, Honey, Meadow Flowers, Fenugreek Absolute

Heart Notes
Sichuan Pepper, Nutmeg, Labdanum, Iris, Myrrh, Benzoin, Styrax

Base Notes
Sandalwood, Amber, Oud, Incense, Peru Balsam, Animalic Musks

From MendittoRosa:

"OSANG is inspired by this extraordinary annual miracle, a scent of viscous beauty, blood rising, shifting from inertia to bubbling resurrection.  A miracle of love.  A perfumed celebration of saints and superstitions, centred around a ravenous fenugreek absolute note lavished with singed pyrazines, sacrificial myrrh and mournful molten honey poured over everything like amber rain. Meadow blooms, sticky dark resins, pungent balms and ashen clouds of iris swirl like dramatic weather.

The miracle slowly unfolds from sunlit flowers through a sea of honey and glorious fenugreek, stirring our hunger into clouds of swirling darkness, golden hope and cindered skies. A perfume of darkness that slowly explodes into delirious, mysterious light, a Talisman of blood, seething with shadows and burning magic.

OSANG. A miracle of scented love. An indelible prayer for skin."

"'All the soarings of my mind begin in my blood'
Rainer Maria Rilke

Osang was a 2018 Art & Olfaction finalist in the Independent Category."

Extrait de Parfum, 33% oils

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