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L’oblìo (Oblivion) tells about the end of a long journey in the life of a man, third and last chapter of the mystique trilogy.

Along this journey I have met my native culture, the influence of Pasolini and Antonello da Messina, I have told about the sacred narcotic state, I have seen my Palermo again. I have travelled deep into my soul and I have told the inner and sometimes painful memories of our sleeping past. I continued along this path in a popular, fairy, occult ritual, I have given this odor a number, no.93, I have swore to myself to go on and do my best with love. At that point of my life I needed peace, absolute quietness, equilibrium, I wished I could find a different spirituality, a peace that floats like a boat on a long river. I have found it in the meaning of the word oblivion itself, and in a far away place. I have travelled for a longtime to look for something that could close this magic triangle. I have looked for a bright spiral, its vegetal heart and its body of dust and earth. I have spent the last year looking for oblivion and its odor and I have had many spiritual and physical influences, a trip to Cambodia, the long sailings on the Mekong, the search for the purest raw materials, the study of the olfactory memory as the starting point of any creative process.

At the end of my journey I understood that I didn't want to recollect, I just wanted to get lost in the oblivion of my research, and be quiet. I found my peace and my salvation in oblivion. Olfactory, bright and sour notes open this work, an intense, vibrating light like a bright labyrinth. My gaze is serene in my heart, it floats in the liquid body of the large river, in the silence, in the vegetal soul of this work. Up to the end, the dusty and earthy state of oblivion. In this perfume time has a quiet body and it represents its sublimation. The strong initial light carries you on the banks of the large, spiritual, melancholy, deeply-rooted river. Almost forgetting the reason of this journey, closed in a spiral of emotions, man is still there in his oblivion. The brown colour of the matter that contains it, represents the earth, the man roots. The image that comes from a casual manufacture of iron symbolizes the abstract vision of oblivion.
“...and if it were better forget rather than remember?”

Top Notes: Frankincense
Heart notes: Iris, Mate, Immortelle, Tobacco
Base notes: Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Sacred woods, Powder, Musk