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Meo Fusciuni L’OBLIO parfum

Meo Fusciuni L’OBLIO parfum

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L'Oblio is a 2015 release from Italian perfumer Guiseppe Imprezzabile, nome de plume Meo Fusciuni. Meo Fusciuni believes that "Today, in this modern era where we can have so many technologies in our support, I realize with happiness that only one thing still really matters: olfactory sensitivity," and strives to create perfumes that are both "material and ethereal," balancing the chemical and spiritual aspects of perfumery. L'Oblio, a Woody fragrance, has a scent profile of woody, powdery, iris, warm spicy, musky, sweet, tobacco, amber, earthy, and smoky. 


Iris, Incense, Sandalwood, Helichrysum, Mate, Tobacco, Palo Santo, Orange

From Meo Fusciuni:

"What if the good of man is forgetting
nstead of remembering?"

"Clear and harsh olfactory notes open this work, a vibrant and intense light, like a shining labyrinth. In the heart the gaze is serene, floating in the liquid body of the great river, in the silence, in the vegetal soul of this work.

Until it reaches the end, the dusty earthly state of oblivion.

In this scent, time has a still body and represents its sublimation, the strong initial light carries one to the banks of the great river, rooted, spiritual and melancholy. Almost forgetting the why of this journey, enclosed in a spiral of emotions, man is still there in his oblivion. The brown color of the material containing it represents the earth, the rootedness of man, the image, made from a random formation of irons, tells the abstract vision of oblivion. I would like people to get lost in this scent, like in a labyrinth where there are no holds, I would like everyone to let go, to remember nothing, to let themselves be transported, like on a boat, at night, without lights, on the big river, where you can't see the banks; the beauty of the smell of nature and the silence of the night. Oblivion achieves a kind of bliss of the spirit. The scent becomes psychic odor and transports to a limbo, a labyrinth of dust, where everything is forgotten.

Peace and oblivion, bliss and meditation."

"L’Oblio was thought, created and arranged, while listening to the album: Eternity by Anathema during each of these stages."

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