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Little Song talks about the time that flows, but it does not seem to pass, the time that changes ourself. This fragrance asks us if time is real or imaginary, what our metamorphosis will bring. This fragrance is the first chapter of the new cycle of Meo Fusciuni, the Cycle of Metamorphosis, a new autobiographical chapter, created in the solitude of his study. The loneliness of man passes through a bunch of roses held tight in his hands, dried roses now preserved with time. Who are these roses for? On the table, a cup of coffee and a cigarette in his hand. Like every scent of Meo, the first moment is very particular, almost unsettling and sudden; the theme of metamorphosis is not only present in the poetics but also in the perfume itself, which with time changes dramatically, showing another side of the perfume, of our life, of our relationship with it. A different side of our solitude. Little song is a mental state. The scent comes with the fresh notes of pink pepper, ginger and bergamot. But it is a strange freshness, which hides something very deep and warm. Although this new fragrance is not dedicated to any travel, the recent Asian past have influenced the head of this perfume. The body of solitude takes shape in the heart, Absolute of Turkish Rose, extract of Caffe (Blend of Arabica) and Liatrix; the scene moves in the creator's small room, in the little den where time passes slowly, endlessly repeating itself. Everything becomes very hot and enveloping. The metamorphosis continues in the base notes: Vetiver Bourbon, absolute of Tabacco, absolute of Salvia, Civet and Cisto-Labdano. The metamorphosis continues, advances to infinity, reviving its path every time. The scent seems to be interminable in its olfactory path, embraces the skin, makes it one with its history, with the passing of time. The almost liqueur notes that you smell are the result of the strange alchemy between the heart and the base notes of the perfume. It is a very deep and infinite work like its persistence. In this work too the research and use of raw materials of the highest quality is at the base of the path of creation.The name of the perfume derives from a lyrics written by Meo long before he started working on Little Song, for an old friend, the image tells the very metamorphosis of Meo, along this path of research in his life. The poetic influences of this work range from Albert Camus 'Sisifo” to Kafka's Metamorphosis, from Wim Wenders “Wings of Desire”, to “The Invention of Solitude” of Paul Auster, to the "sound poetry” of Nick Cave, from which the work has drawn inspiration and absorbed it, during the whole period of creation, the sound vibrations. An important support, to understand the poetic and the atmosphere of Little song is the vision of the video, recorded at the atelier of Meo Fusciuni.
Topnote: Bergamot, Ginger, Pink Pepper.
Heartnote: Turkish Rose Abs, Coffee extract, Liatris
Basenote: Tobacco Abs, Vetiver Bourbon, Civet, Sage Abs, Musk, Cistus Labdanum Abs.