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Meo Fusciuni LUCE vaulted eau de parfum

Meo Fusciuni LUCE vaulted eau de parfum

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Luce is a 2013 release from Italian perfumer Guiseppe Imprezzabile, nome de plume Meo Fusciuni. Meo Fusciuni believes that "Today, in this modern era where we can have so many technologies in our support, I realize with happiness that only one thing still really matters: olfactory sensitivity," and strives to create perfumes that are both "material and ethereal," balancing the chemical and spiritual aspects of perfumery. Luce, an Amber Woody fragrance, has a scent profile of woody, leather, amber, vanilla, smoky, warm spicy, patchouli, tobacco, powdery, and balsamic. 


Fir, Tobacco, Vanilla, Birch, Leather, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Patchouli, Amber, Cedar, Musk

From Meo Fusciuni:

"Light is born at the first light of dawn,
In the stillness of the moment
after the awakening of the heart."

"I have always believed that life can achieve a balance of the soul, one that is difficult, but possible, to find. I tried to capture the fragrance of this balance, like an olfactory architecture of light, silence and nature. I gathered green and light notes, leaves from towering trees; I collected light wood and tobacco leaves, burnt sweet resins and then listened in silence. I read Louis Kahn, admiring the balance in his works. I sought the quiet found in the body of men, like notes of flora at dawn, like wooden houses around the heart. I wanted to be happy and to feel silence, light and space: the threshold of a new world.

​'The opus was born in a point,
that was between a silent idea 
and the lighting of reality,
a place seen as the threshold, 
the meeting point between silence, 
with its will being and Light, 
creator of all the images.
There is an aim in what I’m doing and
there is the achievement of a silence, 
a Light/Luce.'"

"Luce was thought, created and arranged, while listening to the album: Hospes by Nenia during each of these stages."

Note: Samples are sold by the 1ml. Due to limited quantities, all customers are limited to 1ml total. Samples of 1ml or less will come in a glass vial with a dabber. Samples larger than 1ml will come in small glass spray bottles. All samples will be consolidated unless expressly requested otherwise.

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