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Naso Di Raza USE BLACK parfum

Naso Di Raza USE BLACK parfum

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Use Black is a 2019 launch by perfume house Naso di Raza. In the creation of their line, Naso di Raza has allowed complete creative freedom to their perfumers in the interpretation of an "idea." Their pefumes are housed in rectaingular clear bottles with sculptural caps to represent allowing the "all-Italian artistic temperament of the design [to] seep through." Use Black has an aromatic profile of warm spicy, patchouli, leather, oud, woody, animalic, earthy, fruity, metallic, and balsamic notes.


Leather, Saffron, Rhubarb, Jasmine, Patchouli, Red Berries, Black Pepper, Geranium, Oud, Vanilla, Raspberry, Sandal Wood, Animalic notes


From Naso di Raza:

"Black is a joy of life!

Wassily Kandinsky defined black as the least sound-endowed color, on which every other color acquires a stronger and more precise sound, unlike white on which colors lose intensity and sound. Henry Matisse called it a color in itself, which summarizes and consumes all the others. Black is a joy of life! Patrick Bodifee translates: now to happiness draw a shadow because without that it is not complete..."

Note: Samples are sold by the 1ml. You may purchase a maximum of 2ml. Samples of 1ml or less will come in a glass vial with a dabber. Samples larger than 1ml will come in small glass spray bottles. All samples will be consolidated unless expressly requested otherwise.

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