Meo Fusciuni NARCOTICO parfum

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A physical and mental journey in holy places and transfigured by the human soul’s smell.
The olfactory iconography is sought in the deep smell that like every memory brings to a path which has already been walked through by man, and experienced by our soul. Everything comes from the sacred symbolism surrounding Narcotico, beginning of the way, celebration of resins and woods, and continue into imaginary dream, fairytale and flowered of Odor 93, enclosed in the secrets of the words and the charm of nature. L’oblìo reaches a kind of beatitude of the spirit. Perfume becomes a psychic odor and carries you to a limbo, a labyrinth made of dust where you forget everything.
Peace and oblivion, beatitude and meditation.
Perfumes, scents, mingled mystical states that cover the body, as a soul that shapes our shadow.