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Ramon Monegal AMBRA DI LUNA vaulted eau de parfum

Ramon Monegal AMBRA DI LUNA vaulted eau de parfum

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Ambra di Luna by Ramon Monegal is a a 2009 release by house perfumer Ramon Monegal. This amber fragrance has an aromatic profile of amber, woody, leather, smoky, musky, powdery, vanilla, and animalic. This fragrance is now discontinued


Amber, Castoreum, Vanilla, Labdanum, Sandalwood, Jasmine

From the brand:

"My origin.
A vintage fragrance paying homage to oriental perfumes from the beginning of the 20th century, with which I grew up and from which I learned so much at Myrurgia. Interpreted with traditional ambergris and vanilla in contemporary proportions and mixed with other state-of-the-art ingredients.

Bold, dreamy and magic. Nostalgia of foolishness, golden insinuation."

Note: Samples are sold by the 1ml. You may purchase up to 2ml. Orders of a single ml will come in small glass vials with dabbers. Orders of 2ml will be consolidated into small glass sprayer bottles unless expressly requested otherwise. 

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