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Ramon Monegal Fantasy HAND IN HAND eau de parfum

Ramon Monegal Fantasy HAND IN HAND eau de parfum

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Hand in Hand by Ramon Monegal is a 2014 release by house perfumer Ramon Monegal for the Fantasy collection. This amber floral fragrance has an aromatic profile of rose, musky, oud, warm spicy, powdery, and floral.  


Rose, Spicy notes, Musk, Agarwood (Oud)

From the brand:

"I imagined a hand-to-hand struggle between Rose, the queen of perfumery, the flower of love, and Oud wood, solemn, sexual and powerful, bringing out the attraction of opposites, the union becomes a wild and feline elixir. A unique chord for a unique olfactory image.

Sensual, powerful, presence, attractive, audacious, solidity, stability."

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