Ramon Monegal IMPOSSIBLE IRIS eau de parfum

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Created by Ramon Monegal in 2010, Impossible Iris is an ethereal confection of Orris, Mimosa, and delicate florals with a touch of fruit.  Sophisticated, elegant and resolved, soft, floral, fresh iris is a gesture of glamour and spontaneity. It is the perfect fragrance for spring, summer, or for the bride on her wedding day.  In fact, the perfumer retells his inspiration for this scent as such: 

"I created my first personalised perfume in 1977 for my bride to wear on our wedding day. It was a white powdery floral fragrance based on the iris root. Since then, iris has been one of my obsessions. It is the most unclassifiable, elegant, beautiful, expensive ingredient there is. The root must be dried for three years before its precious essence can be extracted. But it does not last as much as it costs and making it last is almost… impossible!"


Italian Iris concrete (Orris), Egyptian Cassie Absolute (Mimosa), Raspberry, Comoran Ylang Ylang, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute and Virginian Cedarwood

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