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Seren WILLOW eau de parfum

Seren WILLOW eau de parfum

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Willow by Seren Apothecary was a 2017 release from perfumers Amelia Fleetwood and Tara Owens. This fragrance has an aromatic profile of citrus, white floral, floral, green, fruity, fresh, lactonic, aromatic, and fresh spicy. Willow is rare and discontinued in the eau de parfum.

Top Notes

Gardenia, Jasmine, Lemon

Heart Notes


Base Notes

Bergamot, Tea

From the brand:

“Willow’s enticing fragrance is composed around Osmanthus blossoms. The wearer will be transported to a vintage convertible on a country road. Just imagine, worn leather seats and the gentle hum of the engine as warm summer air envelopes the body. This hypnotic essence introduces refreshing top notes of lemon, hints of gardenia and a kiss of sheer Jasmine. Base notes of tea and bergamot give Willow an intoxicating warmth. This delicate and fresh scent is uniquely seductive.”

Offered is a new without 1.7ox/50ml bottle of eau de parfum.

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