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Shiseido FEMINITE DU BOIS vintage parfum

Shiseido FEMINITE DU BOIS vintage parfum

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Feminite du Bois was created by Quest perfumers Christopher Sheldrake and Pierre Bourdon in 1992. The bottle was designed by Serge Lutens. This fragrance has an aromatic profile of warm spicy, woody, fruity, powdery, sweet, cinnamon, and honey. 

Top Notes

Cedar Wood, Ginger, Honey, Fruits


Heart Notes

Peach, Plum, Orange Blossom, Rose, Violets, Spices (Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove)


Base Notes

Cedar, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Musk

Link to a superb article on Feminite du Bois by Elena Vosnaki on Fragrantica:

Note: Samples are sold by the .5ml. You may purchase as many ml as you like. Samples of 1ml or less will come in a glass vial with a dabber. Samples larger than 1ml will come in small glass spray bottles. All samples will be consolidated unless expressly requested otherwise.

Offered is an exceedingly rare vintage, sealed 15ml/.5oz splash bottle of Feminite du Bois by Shiseido, as well as samples from our house bottle.

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