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Thomas de Monaco FUEGO FUTURO extrait de parfum

Thomas de Monaco FUEGO FUTURO extrait de parfum

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Fuego Futuro Extrait de Parfum by Thomas de Monaco is a Woody Aromatic fragrance created in collaboration with perfumer Maurus Bachmann and launched in 2023. Fuego Futuro has an aroma profile of woody, aromatic, smoky, fresh spicy, balsamic, warm spicy, green, herbal, powdery, and coniferous accords.

 From Thomas de Monaco on Fuego Futuro: "A meditative journey inspired by the infinite wilderness and shamanic rituals, connecting the powerful elements of Earth and Fire, the scent of a nomad."

Top Notes
Elemi, Mate, Pepper
Heart Notes 
Smoke, Hay, Sage, Incense
Base Notes 
Sandalwood, Cedar, Ash

From the perfume house:

Thomas De Monaco Parfums is a dance of transformation where experiments bloom into beauty, like words seamlessly weave into poetry. The inspiration, akin to the focused lens in photography, transforms perception into fine art, capturing moments for the here and now, yet transcending mere images.

This realm of artisanal creativity is a cherished journey, not a destination. It demands the luxury of time and the freedom of space to unfold. Each fragrance is a testament to a belief in meticulous craftsmanship, born within the walls of its own manufacture. There stands a firm commitment to authenticity and quality, paving the path for sustainable growth through an approach that defies conventional business wisdom. This world is true luxury, measured in patience and perseverance, crafting an honest heritage that is felt, not just seen.

More than just scents, Thomas De Monaco Parfums are a legacy in the making. Patience and steadiness cultivate an enduring perfume DNA that radiates from the core. Positive emotions spark creations that elicit physical reactions, embodying a beauty that emanates from within and resonates with the soul.

All Thomas de Monaco fragrances are vegan

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