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Zoologist CARDINAL Limited Edition extrait de parfum

Zoologist CARDINAL Limited Edition extrait de parfum

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Cardinal by Canadian niche perfume house Zoologist was launched in 2022 by perfumer Rosendo Mateu. This fragrance was originally launched as simply "Cardinal," before being pulled from production and renamed "Northern Cardinal." This Chypre fragrance has an aroma profile of citrus, mossy, earthy, green, aromatic, leather, woody, patchouli, animalic, and soft spicy.

Offered here are full bottles of the initial production run when the fragrance was still named Cardinal, in the limited edition red bottles.

Top Notes

Lemon, Bergamot, Mandarin, Green Leaves

Heart Notes

Rose, Clary Sage, Leather

Base Notes

Vanilla, Oakmoss, Musk*, Patchouli

* Synthetic notes. Zoologist Cardinal does not use animal products.

From the brand: 

"Branches lay bare against a grey sky. The gaiety of summer has given way to doldrums of fall, and as winter settles in, flocks take flight, like guests from a dwindling party. But one pair of revellers lingers on, he in crimson finery, she in demure tones. Among tattered streamers of copper leaves, they warble a merry duet. Around the cardinals' nest, tinsel icicles may have replaced vibrant blooms of roses, but as they feast on scarlet berries that dot the snowy landscape, this feathered brood's festive spirit refuses to be chilled.

Zoologist Northern Cardinal combines the invigorating scents of bergamot, rose and rich hints of leather. Tart green notes entwine with handsome undertones to encircle you in a subtle wreath of fragrance. Cloak yourself in this warm, cheerful perfume, a spark of joy on a bleak winter day."

Fragrance Vault is an official stockist of Zoologist. 

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