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Zoologist SLOTH extrait de parfum

Zoologist SLOTH extrait de parfum

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Sloth by Canadian niche perfume house Zoologist was launched in 2020 by perfumer Prin Lomros. This fragrance has an aroma profile of herbal, fresh spicy, green, earthy, aromatic, mossy, amber, fruity, floral, and sweet.

Top Notes

Chamomile, Acai Berry, Lavender, Violet Leaf

Heart Notes

Marigold, Beeswax, Anise, Jatamansi, Jasmine, Cumin

Base Notes

Hay, Frankincense, Myrrh, Mushroom, Oakmoss, Vanilla, Tonka

*Zoologist Sloth contains beeswax. Bees are not harmed in its harvesting.

From the brand: 

"With its vibrant, sun-dappled hues, the dense rainforest beckons invitingly. Yet within its misty depths, countless dangers lurk, slinking across the forest floor. Dangling high among the treetops may seem a dubious defence against peril, but for leisurely sloths the forest canopy offers a protective shroud. Safe in their leafy fortress, the sluggish creatures move so slowly even moss overtakes them. They snooze in a cradle of moist green aromas, oblivious to the chaos below.

Zoologist Sloth captures the tranquility of this sleepy beast in a soothing green essence. Calming lavender, chamomile, marigold and jasmine combine with the stillness of bittersweet hay and damp moss, stitched together by threads of luscious incense. The result is dreamy and exotic. As it settles on the skin, Sloth carries one up to a place where stresses simply tumble away."

Fragrance Vault is an official stockist of Zoologist. 

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